Nirvaana Club Whitepaper

New economy and financial system where you issue your own money.
Market problems and needs
The world is living in money deficit. This deficit leads to:
- poverty in general
- people working on jobs they do not like (different researches show up to 90% dissatisfaction)
- restriction in career - people have to save money for years or enter debts to get change in career
- restrictions feeling the taste of life - getting new knowledge, developing their talents (languages, singing, writing, dancing, sports, health etc.)

World is living in worry and unsafeness. None of the major currencies is backed by any asset. Any savings can disappear in no time. This causes stress takes Humans' energy, restricts creativity.

Job problem is more and more crucial. With technology development and automation more and more positions are transferred to machines.
Benefits for people
Use 100% of your work time capacity doing the job you love, using the best skills of yours, those you want to develop. You assign the price for your services, the independent expert committee approves it only. Your revenue is not limited by a company whose interest is paying you as little as possible. Is it a Dream? No. It is Nirvaana Club reality.

Check your efficiency and satisfaction now. Do you love what you do? Are you utilizing your most paid and prospective and favourite skill? Are you busy with work 100% of the time you want to be busy? Make the basic math
Benefits for business
Check your absolute capacity usage. We doubt it exceeds 10%.

We have experience in tens of business areas. Even most efficient business annual capacity is utilized about 50%. Nirvaana Club lets you use 100% of your capacity. And you can increase it. Check the math and join the club.

Your business functioning at 100% of its capacity. And the capacity is growing at the highes rate you can imagine. Is it a dream? No. It is Nirvaana Club reality.
How it works
We understand that all trading worldwide is just exchanging the hours we have. Except speculation!
We accept the money are the promise to give you a product or service you want. And this is someone's hours.
The question is why we need someone else to give the promise for us, for our time! The answer is - there is no reason!
Nirvaana Club allows you to issue your own promise for your services and goods, your own money. You back your money by your time physically or by the goods you have already invested your time.
How much of my own money can I issue?
- The formula is 20 (working days a year) x 5 (working hours per day)
How is my currency valued?
- You offer the value you believe is fair. Nirvaana Club expert committee verifies the value
Which currency or what is the base to evaluate my currency?
- The base to evaluate is NRVN coin which is equal to ethalon coach's one hour value devided by 100
Where can I use my currency?
- You may purchse services and goods in Nirvaana marketplace
Can I use my currency outside Nirvaana Club
- We only guarantee NRVN acceptance within Nirvaana Club. Please check Nirvaana Club marketplace
What is NRVN coin
- NRVN coin stands Nirvaana club Coin. This is the stabile currency fully backed by Nivaana Club members
Can my hour price increase in value?
- Yes, based on the value of your hour, when you get more experience, education etc. This should be submitted and verified by the expert comittee of Nirvaana Cluib

Nirvaana Club board
Elmar Malikov

A serial entrepreneur. Has founded companies in travel, event, amusement park, fashion, training and consulting industries with millions of turnover in five countries.

Has been a top manager in companies - world leaders in FMCG, Fintech and Telecommunications.

Is advising ICO boards in strategy, vision, investor relations, marketing and business development. Is the founder of exchange and token platform, InvestWing investor community, Liwing (Humanity) human ecology and development project.

Is a master coach, coach trainer, master and trainer of neurolinguistics.

Nirvaana Club Expert Committee
The expert committee mission inside Nirvaana Club:
1. Verify Nirvaana Club members' offered value
2. Support start-ups development
3. Evaluate incoming charity requests
4. Evaluate incoming infrastructure request
5. Evaluate incoming investment requests

Who are insider the expert committe:
- Highly qualified professionals from diffferent industries

Who evaluate experts:
- Nirvaana founders evaluate
- Next stage of the project new expert applications will be evaluated by existing experts
Nirvaana Club
How it works
Taken very simple - Nirvaana allows exchanging your time and assets (which is someones time you have already acquired). This meets you are free of any fiat / digital money limitations!

When you register and get verified on the platform you re entitled to make emittance of your own money backed by your time.

Same with the assets / goods / services. After you register as business and get verified, you are entitled to make emittance of your business money backed by the goods / services. It can be goods from your shop, food and drinks from your cafe / restaurant, room / bed in your hotel / guest house.

What you do with your money? You freely use them to buy services and goods inside the platform. If you are a restaurant, most probaly you need: education for your staff, community manager for your social media, design of your menu and brochures, interior, exterior design... You go to Nirvaana Club market place, select the accord expert / specialist, invite him to take the job and pay YOUR money.

Same is valid for experts and specialists. You probably need food, accommodation, coach, consultant, bike rental... You go to Nirvaana Club marketplace and select the expert / business you need, order the service and pay your OWN money.