Nirvaana Club is a new financial system
where you issue your own money

Nirvaana is a world when there is no need.

Freedom starts from the new economy and financial system we have created.
For Humans
Do you love what you do? Are you utilising your most paid, prospective and favourite skill? Are you employed all of the time you want to be employed?

Join Nirvaana Club and use 100% of your capacity doing the job you love, using your best skills or the ones you want to develop. The price for your hour is assigned by yourself and not by a company whose interest is pay you as little as possible. Is it a dream? No. It is Nirvaana Club reality.

For Business
Your business is functioning at 100% of its capacity. And the capacity is growing at the highest rate you can imagine. Is it a dream? No. It is Nirvaana Club reality.

We have experience in tens of business areas. Even most efficient business annual capacity is utilized only about 50%. Nirvaana Club lets you use 100% of your capacity. Check the math and join the club.
For Humanity
Imagine the world, where no one needs anything. Everyone has all he needs for life - food, shelter, safety, education, doing the activity he or she loves!

Imagine everyone everyone has his own currency. Imagine there is stabile currency backed by everyone of us.

Imagine anyone and any business performing at the 100% of the desired capacity!

All the above is Nirvaana - the humanity club! One could say this is impossible, utopical or only far future opportunity. And the answer is - the Nirvaana club is already here. You can become part of it today!

How it works
Taken very simple - Nirvaana allows exchanging your time and assets (which is someone's time you have already acquired). This means you are free of any fiat/digital money limitations!

When you register and get verified on the platform you're entitled to make emittance of your own money backed by your time.

Same with the assets/goods/services. After you register as business and get verified, you are entitled to issue currency backed by the goods/services. It can be goods from your shop, food and drinks from your cafe, room in your guesthouse.

What you do with your money? You freely use them to buy services and goods inside the platform. If you are a restaurant, most probably you need: education for your staff, community manager for your social media, design of your menu and brochures, interior, exterior design... You go to Nirvaana Club marketplace, select the best expert/specialist, invite him to take the job and pay YOUR money.

Same is valid for experts and specialists. You probably need food, accommodation, coach, consultant, bike rental... You go to Nirvaana Club marketplace and select the expert / business you need, order the service and pay your OWN money.

How much of my own money can I issue?
The formula is 20 (working days in one month) x 5 (working hours per day) = 100 hours.
How is my currency valued?
You offer the value you believe is fair. Nirvaana Club expert committee verifies the value.
Which currency or what is the base to evaluate my currency?
The base to evaluate your hours is Nirvaana coin (NIC) which is equal to master coach's one hour value divided by 100.
What is NIC?
NIC stands for Nirvaana coin. It is a stable currency fully backed by Nirvaana Club members.
Where can I use my currency?
You may purchase services and goods in Nirvaana marketplace.
Can I use my currency outside Nirvaana Club?
We only guarantee NIC acceptance within Nirvaana Club. Please check Nirvaana Club marketplace
Can my hour price increase in value?
Yes, based on the value of your hour, when you get more experience, education etc. This should be submitted and verified by the expert committee of Nirvaana Club. If the value is confirmed you may issue additional currency.
Nirvaana Club board
Elmar Malikov
Founder & CEO
A serial entrepreneur. Has founded companies in travel, event, amusement park, fashion, training and consulting industries with millions of turnover in five countries.

Has been a top manager in companies - world leaders in FMCG, Fintech and Telecommunications.

Is advising ICO boards in strategy, vision, investor relations, marketing and business development. Is the founder of exchange and token platform, InvestWing investor community, Liwing (Humanity) human ecology and development project.

Is a master coach, coach trainer, master and trainer of neurolinguistics.

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